Collaboration Rooms

Collaboration Rooms

Redefining team conferencing & collaboration for the modern workplace


Invest in your organisation’s digital transformation and future proof your meeting rooms with our VideoFX solution. Ensure your meeting rooms add strategic value to your business assets, empowering your employees who use the space.

Our VideoFX collaboration features and tools expand the traditional workspace into a powerhouse of productivity. The flexibility to easily upgrade, add, or remove features allows your organisation to customise each space according to your business requirements, without adding complexity to end users.

Power of collaboration

Business meetings have evolved and old-world audio calls are inadequate in delivering the outcomes businesses expect in our modern globalised world. Video conferencing and collaboration tools, like screen sharing, white boarding and brain storming, are essential to efficient and effective meetings.

Expand your business

Communication is one of the core pillars of any organisation. Every year, it is estimated that billions of dollars are lost with unproductive meetings. Providing your team with the tools to have more intelligent communication and efficient meetings means better business outcomes and increased revenue.

Workplace collaboration

VideoFX reimagines collaboration capability, allowing teams to work effectively and productively in any space. Our video conferencing and collaboration tools will significantly improve how your organisation works with colleagues, customers, partners, and vendors.

Powerful features

Let VideoFX help your organisation break the traditional barriers to video conferencing and collaboration adoption by offering a solution that is simple to deploy and allows all users to participate in meetings regardless of location or device. Enhance the way people work naturally with the tools and features VideoFX has to offer.