Huddle Rooms

Huddle Rooms

The ultimate collaboration work space


Huddle rooms enable you to create quick, strategic meetings with all the capabilities that exist in most dedicated conference rooms and enterprise video conferencing solutions.

Our advanced solution empowers users with all the collaboration tools they need to encourage knowledge sharing to create effective and productive discussions and outcomes.

Maximise productivity

Huddle room spaces allow organisations to have close, intimate meetings on the fly that maximise productivity and provide intelligent communications.

Avoid overbooking

If your staff and clients are limited to gathering in dedicated meeting rooms these spaces can become prone to overbooking. With a huddle room, you can reduce demand on your conference rooms without reducing the collaboration tools available to meeting participants.


Huddle rooms allow an employee to quickly create a meeting and invite peers regardless of device or location. Seamlessly bring your team together with VideoFX.

Cost Effective

VideoFX has plug and play capabilities that allow you to leverage your existing hardware investments and convert your huddle space to an enhanced yet cost effective meeting solution.