VideoFX Skype for Business Collaboration

Collaborate & conference across borders & teams

Video Conferencing Services

Making meetings simple

An all-in-one workspace solution that is optimised for Skype for Business (SfB), allowing users the ability to join meetings with one touch and collaborate with in-room or remote participants on desktop, mobile, or other room systems.

Video Conferencing Rooms

Scalable, flexible, and secure

An adaptive video conferencing and collaboration solution designed to meet the needs of all work spaces including huddle rooms, open spaces, large conference rooms, classrooms, or auditoriums.

Video Conferencing Software

Invest in digital transformation

To make connections between people better, businesses must invest in delivering new technology to support all forms of human expression – verbal, written, and visual. Provide employees with the tools for more productive meetings and business outcomes.

Extend the Skype meeting experience to every room with VideoFX.

IPFX VideoFX Features

Inspiring a culture of collaboration

Rich Content & Collaboration

Where traditional conferencing systems fail at making collaboration simple, we make it easy for team members to share ideas and collaborate on content in real time.

Hardware Agonistic

We allow our customers to use the best of breed hardware, create a solution that matches their room and their business requirements, and ensure these work spaces are future-proofed.

Optimised for SfB

With a familiar and easy to use interface, bring the Skype for business meeting experience into any work space with VideoFX.

Tailored Solutions

Organisation can choose the features they need, making the meeting room system not just a tool for communication, but designed to fit your business needs.


BrainstormFX is a native and integrated VideoFX application add-on that allows users to collaborate and brainstorm on ideas and projects even when the meeting is over.

Room booking

Remove the confusion of booking rooms, interrupting meetings, or double bookings with our room booking add-on.